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The world's first metal upper and lower corners are more stylish, lighter and stronger than traditional plastic wrap angles.
The handle is buffered, when it is put down, you can feel the soft closing sound of the woody texture. The two rubber buffer points on the bottom of the handle can effectively reduce the rebound noise.
Japan's imported aluminum-magnesium alloy, the highest grade : E grade material, is lightweight, sturdy and wear resistant.
The LANZZO suitcase features an innovative interior that is waterproof, beautiful, neat and easy to pack. It can be used to organize the suitcas at one angle no matter how large the suitcas is. The interior is waterproof and oil resistant, and easy to clean.
TSA Customs Lock - Innovative password lock, safe and reliable, can be opened by customs, travel without worry.
Silent universal wheel - double-axis silent smooth universal wheel, using advanced fiber low-pressure perfusion and Japanese carbon steel bearing technology, making the wheel set more durable, stronger and smoother, double-row wheel design, ensuring a smooth journey, comfortable gliding.